We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Hired HR and Cash Cows, two dynamic forces coming together to revolutionize the landscape of Recruitment and HR services in Egypt and the GCC region.

Founded in 2013, Hired HR has been a trailblazer in the human resources industry, collaborating with nearly 400 employers across six countries. As an all-in-one HR boutique, We're dedicated to assisting companies in building well-aligned teams that have the power to change the world.

Cash Cows is a team of money-makers, delivering quantifiable results through a well-tested methodology, extensive industry experience, and a vast network of diverse professionals. Comprising six dynamic partners with backgrounds as varied as our skills, Cash Cows has successfully launched and monetized at least three companies each over the course of our careers.

The Partnership:

The collaboration between Hired HR and Cash Cows aims to provide unparalleled Recruitment Services to Cash Cows’ portfolio, clients, and expand globally, with a primary focus on the GCC region. We are particularly excited to announce a direct emphasis on executive search, addressing a gap in the market where there are not enough players.

Get the best of Hired HR Solutions for Cash Cows Portfolio and Referrals!

The Future is: Cross-Border Hiring

What to Expect:

The partnership will extend our services globally, with a particular emphasis on the GCC region.

We recognize the need for specialized services in executive search and are committed to filling this gap in the market.

Leveraging our combined experience, we will provide transformative solutions to businesses, helping them overcome challenges and achieve sustained success.

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