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HR Fundamentals

Get into HR. And stay there.

This HR fundamentals course has been gifting the market with the best HR professionals since 2015. Are you our next gift?

“The course helped me receive 5 job offers ranging from tech startups to multinational companies. In it I practiced, not just learned HR. This made me familiar with the market and gave me confidence at my first job.”

— Mohaimen Bayoumi

Regional HR Associate, Talabat

Knowledge gets you started.
Practice makes you shine.

Gone are the days where you could get away with memorizing things. 

If you want to excel at HR, you need more than info. You need mentored practice

It takes more than info to excel at HR. You need to receive guidance on how to apply what you learn in real life. 

Few people who are equipped to help you put HR knowledge in practice. But you don’t have to go look for them. Because at the HR fundamentals course, you’ll meet them.

What great HRs know, but okay ones don’t…

HR is all about the context. The HR policies that make a company successful may ruin another. And it all depends on understanding the context, then providing a useful solution that fits it well. 

This is why many HR professionals say that paying attention to the context they work in boosted their experience and gave them the lead in their industries. 

And in this course we believe in the power of context. You’ll get access to contextual case studies from the real, messy world you’ll be working in real soon. So that if things go wrong, you can greet them with a confident smile.

Topics covered in the course:

  • Management, and HR management
  • HR planning, and strategies
  • Recruitment & selection
  • Organization culture/behavior
  • Training & development
  • Performance management, and employees performance appraisal
  • Compensation & rewarding
  • Introduction to labor law

Course Benefits:

  • In-class or interactive online training (40 hrs)
  • Practical examples accompanying each training module
  • Real-world case studies from our market
  • Alumni career support
  • WhatsApp study group
  • Study materials (soft copy)
  • Certificate of completion


The course price is EGP 9000.

  • You won’t be asked to pay anything else. This is the full and complete price of the course.
  • The study material is free.

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