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Competency Based Interviewing – CBI Workshop

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About the course
Hiring the right talent to the right positions is one of today’s top challenges for companies. With rapid advancements in technology and the ongoing war for talent, today’s recruiters require a totally new skill set.
Advance your career through this certification program by developing a comprehensive skill set that you need to become a successful Talent Acquisition / Interviewer and create end-to-end candidate-centric recruitment funnels that are perfectly aligned with the company’s culture and strategy.
Learning the New Trends for Talent Acquisition Digital Tools and trends in 2023.
Learning CBI (Competency Based Interview) how to define competencies that drive performance and how to craft questions around core.

Intended audience
This course is ideal for any Recruitment staff / Hiring Managers, whom are responsible for hiring fit talents to their teams / organizations.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:
• Learn how competency models are designed
• Define most required competencies for your organization
• Prepare structured interview questions based on pre-defined competencies
• Benchmarking for ideal answers / best-fit candidates
• Build rapport and encourage interviewees to talk, and express more
• Use different types of questions (behavioral, situational, job-related, stress, etc)
• Observe the non-verbal signs (body language and voice) of the interviewees
• Learn how to take short, useful notes during the interview, without being disrespectful
• Fairly evaluate different candidates and avoiding the contrast error
• Avoid the common interviewing pitfalls and selection errors
• Hiring Measurements

Course Outline
The Nature of Competency-based Approach
• Defining Competency
• Understanding different competency levels
• Learning how competency models are designed
• Comprehending the difference between traditional interviewing and competency-based one.

Preparing for Competency-based Structured Interviews
• Defining required competencies for your organization
• Developing competency-based questions
• Avoiding leading and commonly asked questions
• Preparing benchmark answers / Best-Fit candidate definition

Conducting Interviews
• Building rapport with the interviewees
• Using different behavior-based questions to asses and evaluate the required level of competencies
• Listening to the interviewees’ voice and understanding their body language clues
• Taking notes which enables fair and coherent evaluation

Closing and Evaluation
• Learning how to professionally close the interview ( the two No’s questions)
• Evaluating the appropriateness of the candidate to the required job.

Course Duration: 2 Days
*This program is approved by HRCI
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