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Organizational Development – OD Workshop

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Organization Development is a body of knowledge and practice
that enhances organizational performance and individual
development, by increasing alignment among the various systems
within the overall system. OD interventions are inclusive
methodologies and approaches to strategic planning, organization
design, leadership development, change management,
performance management, coaching, diversity, team building, and
work/life balance.

Hired Learning Academy offers a 2 days OD workshop covering the below outline:
– OD Definition
– Who’s Responsible for OD
– OD Process & Interventions
– OD Practitioners Qualities
– Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument
(OCAI) and OD
– Organizational Culture Types:
. The Dynamic, Entrepreneurial Create Culture
. The People-Oriented, friendly Collaborate Culture
. The Process-Oriented, structured Control Culture
. The Results-Oriented, competitive Compete Culture

– McKinsey 7-s Framework
– Lewin’s Change Management Model
– 9 Grid Box Tool

*After finishing this workshop, you should be able to:
– Understand OD and system interventions.
– Knowing the difference between HR, LD & Organization Development.
– Understand Organization Culture, Traditional & Progressive Culture Model
using the 4 box model Cultural intervention model.
– Understand the Succession Planning and use the Flight Risk Assessment to
better identifying the 9 Grid Box.
– Understand Organizational Process based on the problem solving
techniques and its relevancy to the OD.
– Understand Organizational Structure.
– Understand change management using the Kurt lewin.


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